Murder Mystery Dinner

The Stowe Inn’s Murder Mystery Dinner is to die for. Enjoy a 3 course meal over the course of this murderous night of who done it. Murder Mystery dinners are offered on Friday’s and Saturday’s (based on availability). Dinner is $65 per person, $65 per person and consists of dinner featuring three courses, a haunted basement tour, and the Murder Mystery game. We will begin at 7 Pm but please arrive no later than 6:30 PM to sign in and have a chance to meet with the other characters. Dress to impress! Please call 48 hours prior to the event for reservations. (802)253-4030

Our next Murder Mystery Dinner will be held on

January 20, 2018(SATURDAY)

February 3, 2018(SATURDAY)

February 10, 2018(SATURDAY)

March 3, 2018(SATURDAY)

March 9, 2018 (FRIDAY)